The Role of Social Media for Small Business

The Role of Social Media for Small Business

Social Media Marketing

Advice for growing your small business on social media

The goal of social media marketing is to get noticed, get shared, reach new audiences and create product brand awareness. By spreading the word about your product from customer to customer on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and others, you can gain greater trust of what your message transmits because it is shared between trusted “friends.”

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media channels, followed closely by YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+. In addition to a large number of users, these platforms offer benefits to business owners.

Social media allows you to share with your followers anything new about your company, and when you give them valuable information they might share it with their friends and family—generating instant referrals! The easiest customer to lose is the one you don’t speak with. Forge stronger bonds with your customers by building relationships through social media.

No matter what your business is, or how new you are to social media, there are a few simple steps that can help you achieve your social media marketing objectives:

1. Networking

Search for users who you think fall into your target audience segment and add them to your network. When placing a request to add users to your network, it is always better to accompany such requests with a personalized message. You can also join groups that pertain to your line of business or interests.

The goal isn’t to sell your products, but to ‘engage’ and provide information your audience will find useful as it relates to your company. For example, rather than a product demonstration video, share footage of someone using and loving the benefits of your product on YouTube. It serves to promote your product, becomes instantly searchable online, and can reach a greater audience.

2. Propagating your online presence

Announce your social media presence by adding links to your social media pages on your website, e-mail signature line or newsletter. Having social media profiles for your business greatly helps with SEO, with each social media platform generating a link to your website.

Another way to propagate your online presence is by adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, which can be excellent for small businesses. PPC is a great tool, because it helps small businesses that don’t have a big budget start a marketing campaign where you pay a fee each time one of your ads is clicked.

3. Connecting

Stay connected with your followers and group members. Social media marketing is easy to start, but requires effort to maintain. And like many networking efforts, results are usually not immediate.

Be consistent in your online participation; It is not a one-time effort. It is about building a relationship—and relationships take time. Be consistent in your social media communication. Have an interesting

tweet/post/update at least every day. However, don’t over post, posting 10 times a day can annoy your audience and make them stop following.

To summarize, start on any of the big platforms, connect with people and businesses that fit your industry, post something new everyday, try videos and new ideas, and be patient with expectations… It’s easy!

Success on Social Media Doesn’t Always Mean Popularity

Success on Social Media Doesn’t Always Mean Popularity

Social Media Marketing

Becoming popular on social media is something that takes time, but which can reap huge rewards for your business or brand once it happens. The problem with popularity is that you can often become a hit for all the wrong reasons. Yes, you may be getting likes, shares, and retweets by the barrel load, but are you actually seeing your bottom line impacted by all of that love? If your sales remain stagnant during your viral uprising, it may well be that what you are delivering is of little value.

In the days before social media, it wasn’t uncommon to see websites with a little hit counter down on the bottom corner. The feeling was that the higher the number went, the more of a success your website was. There is a reason that those counters are now gone, and it’s because they gave a false sense of popularity that had no bearing on the actual success of the business. For many, getting people to the site was easy, but engaging them and making them stay was the hard part. The only way to do that on a consistent basis is to deliver quality content. Do that, and the numbers start to mean something.

Let’s look at social media popularity in the same way as we did the websites of old.Online success in social media is often measured by the number of followers that someone has. People like Kim Kardashian can post huge numbers simply by revealing more skin than usual on a series of Instagram pictures, and while there are plenty who see that as a great marketing move, there are plenty more who see the error of her ways. Yes, those images will “blow up the internet,” but a lot of the conversation has to do with her vanity, and how much people dislike her. If you have a large portion of people on social media hating what you do, it’s not going to be good for your business as a whole.

There is something to be said for subtlety and consistency, and you can use both of those traits to gain social media popularity in the correct way. It’s a longer road to travel than you would have to take if you went the nudity route, but it’s one that you can actually feel good about at the end of the day.

The right road is a tricky one that is tough to navigate at times, and you will feel the urge to perhaps try something a little drastic and dramatic. Rather than giving in to the dark side, why not employ the services of a social media management team who can help you get to where you want to be in a way that is painless and free from potential embarrassment. That is what you get when you partner with Bumped Head Productions, as they know what it takes to be popular on social media, and all without asking you to sacrifice your integrity.

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Social Media Marketing


On May 15, 2017, all properties using Remarketing with Google Analytics will be enhanced to take advantage of new cross-device functionality. This is an important update to your remarketing settings, which may relate to your privacy policy.

The change means that advertisers will be able to show ads to users who visited their sites on one device on another device when signed in, just as Facebook and other platforms have long been doing. Google had been relying on cookies and mobile IDs for retargeting, which don’t carry across devices.

The shift also means advertisers should think differently about frequency capping and message sequencing in their campaigns, now that they’ll be able to reach users across mobile, desktop and tablet.

Advertisers should review their privacy policies regarding data collection and consider how this change might impact bidding, device targeting and messaging in their Google display campaigns.




Social Media Marketing

Why is a Responsive Design for a Website important

There are factors that play a key role in improving your SEO, but responsive design is something that cannot be ignored, and without it your SEO picture will be incomplete. Here are the main reasons why it is so important.

Googlebots take RWD Seriously

At the fundamental level, responsive design is so ‘valuable’ from an SEO point of view because of its unified code base. Despite the onset of RWD tech many years ago, a considerable percentage of websites continue to have two versions – desktop and mobile. The underlying concern is that Googlebots and other search engine bots give importance to simple and neat page hierarchy, which they can only find in responsive sites. The concept of one-website-many devices.

Google doesn’t like content repetition. But with multiple versions of the same site, you are promoting content repetition. Thus, Google is likely to demote your site if you have different versions for desktop and mobile.
Time is another factor that results in the gradual reduction of your pages’ ranking. Having multiple versions of your site requires search engine crawlers to spend more time navigating each of the pages. As the bots require more time to crawl, Google is more likely to slowly reduce your rankings.
On the other hand, RWD relies on a single URL and code base for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This means faster crawling and better chances of page rankings.
One of the fundamentals for SEO success is to keep your content original and non-repetitive. If it is not unique and original, you are going to suffer in your organic search rankings. You should not only have a single mobile-optimized site, you should also implement tested SEO strategies to improve your overall page rankings.

Mobile Behavior

While Responsive Web Design affects search engine crawlers in many ways, mobile behavior is another factor that Google takes into account. Today,
search engine optimization is more about user experience, and it would not be wrong to say that responsive design is a serious aspect.

Google and other search engines make every attempt to measure user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. And Bounce rate is one
of the most important factors, Google even measures the difference between mobile/non-mobile bounce rates.

The data is gathered to ascertain whether a website is mobile friendly or not. And Google makes a big claim – that over 60% of mobile users will go to a competitor site if they find your site to be non-responsive.
The ultimate goal for search engines is to improve their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) based on delivering only relevant content. If your webpages offer high bounce rate, search engines are likely to reduce your sites ranking by thinking that the “content is not relevant to your keywords.”

Google’s Recent Mobilegeddon Update

Google’s attachment to mobile friendliness can be seen further with it’s recent, major update unofficially titled as ‘mobilegeddon’. This update has affected the rankings of many websites in mobile searches. It is another sign of the direction that Google is headed in by continuing to expand the ‘mobile-friendly’ factor in its SERPs, and if your site is not responsive, it will be left behind.

While Google has a longstanding tradition of not officially announcing its updates, ‘mobilegeddon’ was an exception. Google announced its release several weeks in advance and now responsive web design is ‘officially’ a major factor in search engine optimization.

Impact of Mobilegeddon

According to Google, its mobilegeddon algorithm would make a major impact on mobile search results. The effect could be felt across more than 40% of its mobile search queries. On the other hand, the Panda update affected only around 12% of queries and the Penguin update just 4% over both desktop and mobile queries.

 So essentially responsive web design will strongly effect SEO.

Importance of Mobile

According to Google, it now receives over 50% of its searches from mobile devices. This was revealed on a recent report and the published could be found here: news article. Therefore, websites which are responsive are more important to SEO than ever.

Google itself provides a number of tools to help webmasters see the mobile-friendliness of their sites. Google’s Mobile Friendly Test page is the most popular tool that allows you to test your site. It is mostly suited to testing just a few web pages within your site. If you want to test your entire site, it is recommended that you sign-in into your Webmaster Tools account.

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The Value of Social Media Marketing

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Expert, it can be difficult to prove the value of your social media marketing strategy to your Clients or a company you work for.

Social media is sometimes seen as only a supplementary piece to your marketing strategy, something that your company does because they ‘know they should be doing it’. However, social media marketing can be a very powerful and worthwhile way to interact with your past, present and future clients or consumers.

Proving the success of your campaigns to Business owners and companies can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to report.

Check out these relatively simple tips that will help you show the value of your social media strategy to business owners or yourself, and have an impact on creating future marketing strategies for your business.

Engagement Rate

Seeing what your social audience engages in is one of the most important benefits that social media can bring to your business. At times, companies can be overzealous and create large-scale, expensive marketing campaigns before researching the areas that their audience is interested in learning more about.

Social media provides a way to combat blind spending by allowing your company to easily collect information on your potential customer’s interests, based on the reactions they have to your posts. A high engagement rate on a collection of posts with similar subject matter is a great indicator of where you should be spending your marketing money.

Collecting this information and creating a cohesive story can be done through basic reporting available in most of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it relatively easy for you to gain access to your metrics and analytics. Below you will find instructions on how to veiw these for Facebook.

Facebook you will go to your home page, click the dropdown arrow at the top of the page then select the business page you wish to go to. At the top of the page you can click on insights or publishing tools to gain access to all the analytics and metrics. You can also access the business manager in the drop down arrow which is also very valuable in setting up and monitoring campaigns; you can manage multiple pages you may be a admin of as well. This will help you see exactly how your business page is doing. Who you are reaching and allow you to make adjustments to your ad campaigns. By gathering this information it also helps you pinpoint your audience for other forms of advertising as well. So use this to pinpoint your boost or ads you run. STOP Wasting Time and Money.