Customer Analytics

Understand your customers’ behavior. Through in-depth market segmentation and predictive analysis, we can help you identify, attract, and retain your target audience. Unlock insights into your consumers’ habits and lifestyle preferences and make relevant offers at the right time to the right people.

Multi-Channel Analytics

Learn how your marketing channels are affecting your sales and conversion rates. Your customers enter the purchase funnel from various channels, making decisions at different times. We can show you how and where these interaction points occur across digital media, allowing you to make decisions at the macro and micro level for your marketing budget. Each channel can vary in value according to your unique business type and we can help you improve based on channel performance.


Social Analytics

Have an engaging conversation with your audience. Identify which parts of your website content/brand are socially viral and which are not. Get to know the users who are being socially engaged and the communities that matter to your brand. Quantify the value of your social strategy.

Email Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Learn about and use metrics that are unique to the medium: email delivery rate, open rate, subscriber retention rate, bounce rate, profitability, and more. We can show you how to deliver messages that are relevant, capture customer behavior that creates value and tracks macro and micro conversions. Select the right metrics for you and optimize email marketing by linking data to true costs.