As a Social Media Expert, it can be difficult to prove the value of your social media marketing strategy to your Clients or a company you work for.

Social media is sometimes seen as only a supplementary piece to your marketing strategy, something that your company does because they ‘know they should be doing it’. However, social media marketing can be a very powerful and worthwhile way to interact with your past, present and future clients or consumers.

Proving the success of your campaigns to Business owners and companies can be difficult, especially when you don’t know what to report.

Check out these relatively simple tips that will help you show the value of your social media strategy to business owners or yourself, and have an impact on creating future marketing strategies for your business.

Engagement Rate

Seeing what your social audience engages in is one of the most important benefits that social media can bring to your business. At times, companies can be overzealous and create large-scale, expensive marketing campaigns before researching the areas that their audience is interested in learning more about.

Social media provides a way to combat blind spending by allowing your company to easily collect information on your potential customer’s interests, based on the reactions they have to your posts. A high engagement rate on a collection of posts with similar subject matter is a great indicator of where you should be spending your marketing money.

Collecting this information and creating a cohesive story can be done through basic reporting available in most of your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it relatively easy for you to gain access to your metrics and analytics. Below you will find instructions on how to veiw these for Facebook.

Facebook you will go to your home page, click the dropdown arrow at the top of the page then select the business page you wish to go to. At the top of the page you can click on insights or publishing tools to gain access to all the analytics and metrics. You can also access the business manager in the drop down arrow which is also very valuable in setting up and monitoring campaigns; you can manage multiple pages you may be a admin of as well. This will help you see exactly how your business page is doing. Who you are reaching and allow you to make adjustments to your ad campaigns. By gathering this information it also helps you pinpoint your audience for other forms of advertising as well. So use this to pinpoint your boost or ads you run. STOP Wasting Time and Money.