Search Engine Optimization has been one of the cornerstones of our company since our very beginnings. As the search engines have changed over the years in their efforts to counter web spam (and rightly so!), so too have the methodologies that comprise successful SEO.

In our opinion, SEO is a craft. SEO is an art. Yes – there is science involved, math calculations and all kinds of theories. But at the end of it all is the execution and this is the key. Too much SEO and you can get penalized pretty easily. Not enough and your business will not gain the exposure on the web it needs. You need to have it just right. A Goldilocks challenge.

What makes the challenge even more complicated is the fact that SEO is one of the most fluid components of marketing there is. Goldilocks keeps on changing how she likes things. Tomorrow she might like a little more sugar on the porridge and an extra pillow on the bed.


Our Strategists view and decipher Market Trends. Optimizing every step of the way. We do give them snacks occasionally and lots of coffee !